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The Chef Shots

Makes it Easy to take

"Drool-Worthy" Photos

Using Only Your SMARTPHONE!

Join the 

First-Ever Food Photography Course 


How it Works:

The Chef Shots is an online Food Photography course,

With 68+ Step-by-Step Training Videos.

You set your pace and will receive friendly challenges throughout the process to practice your skills & to Compete Against Your Peers for prizes!


being able to take
Food photos SO Good that...

YOUR photos Quickly Put Every


Photos To Shame.

Viewers of your Photos will

Literally STOP TO

Lick Their Screens!

Everyone You know keeps telling you, "You're KILLING the Social Media Game!"

Why it Matters


In 2020, Gen. Z (born after 1996) will make up a staggering

40% of ALL Consumers.


Gen. Z + Millennials are 99% more likely to use Social Media to Choose a Restaurant.


72% of all Consumers will

Make Restaurant Decisions based on Facebook images and Comments.

Who It's For

  • Chefs - The Makers

    Mixologists, Pastry Chefs, Brewmasters etc...

    ...Love Us because they can FINALLY Conquer their Food Photography and Social Media Game!

  • Teams

    GM's, Managers Staff...

    ...Love Us because Everyone can Confidently Bring More Value to the Restaurant & have a BLAST doing it!

  • Groups + Agencies

    Restaurant Groups + Corporate HQ, Social Media, Marketing & PR Agencies

    ...Love Us because we train their clients to Automate High Quality Food Photo + Video Production, so the Agency can focus on Building the Brand.

  • Organizations

    ...Love Use because they can offer Exciting, In-Demand Trainings to their members!

Our Clients Include

A Word from Our Clients

“Leigh recently came to my restaurant, The Duck Inn, and conducted a class on food, beverage and experiential photography for social media. The tools and techniques taught to my managers and chef were invaluable and we have seen an immediate effect on engagement and exposure on all of our outlet sites, as well as managers ability and desire to create and post content due to their newfound confidence gained through the training. Furthermore, Leigh’s warm and approachable style engaged the team and inspired them to learn and interact more than the typical trainer is able to accomplish. I strongly recommend working with Leigh and Chef Shots to improve your team’s skill level, confidence and knowledge of how to promote your business through effective social media content.”

Kevin Hickey


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